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This document specifies summarizes essential knowledge, best practices and requirements an app developer should know in order to create working apps on a blockchain Network. Furthermore, this document gives a rough guideline on how to develop a decentralized app.


Every blockchain network is meant to pursue specific goals and includes people or organizations that operate within the network to achieve these goals. Therefore, a network operates one or more applications that serve to achieve its goals. Last but not least, these applications also include services or transactions to which a business model can be linked in order to either make a profit or ensure the continued operation of the network.



  1. Define the idea or concept
  2. Research for competition
  3. Analyze options
  4. Choose or develop a platform (e. g., Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, etc.)
  5. Development Process
  6. Deployment and Maintenance

DApp Integration

Best practices on how to integrate DApps into a business model or processes.

Internal references and dependencies

(Lists of internal references and dependencies)

References to best practice, examples

(List of references to best practice, examples)

Bibliography of selected references

(List of references and literature)

Contributing authors: Daniel Theis
Status of this document: work in progress
Last day modified: 2021-05-31