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Maintenance Introduction


This section covers general topics of IT maintenance.


A blockchain network is an IT system and therebey bound to the general laws of physics and the nature of hardware and software, since it is not operated in an idealized or theorized vacuum.

Although the current IT industry possesses an extensive body of knowledge with regards to topics of IT maintenance, especially in the wake of the devops movement and the rise of the cloud infrastructure and infrastrucutre-as-code paradigms, those learnings are not always transfered into world of blockchain operations, rendering the operational aspects sometimes seemingly amateurish.

A public-permissionless network needs to be, by definition, resilient to node failures and network glitches introduced by neophyte network participiants.

In order to achieve the necessary performance for certain business applications and to adhere to potentially defined SLAs, a permissioned network needs to be able to expect and enforce a certain standard of operational excellence from its node operators.

Contributing authors: Kevin Wittek
Status of this document: work in progress
Last day modified: 2021-04-19