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Consortial Communication


Processes and tools for efficient and effective communication in the consortium


For good communication, it is particularly important that all members are on the same level. Therefore, an infrastructure is needed in which everything is neatly documented and freely accessible. Work processes should be documented as well as the corresponding contact persons and their representatives. This ensures that communication can take place smoothly at all times. This must be possible beyond organisational boundaries. Consequently, the communication applications used must also cover and fulfil the guidelines of all participating organisations. Communication can create a sense of community that leads to better cooperation among all participants and benefits the project immensely. For these reasons, communication is so important and contributes to long-term success.


Internal Communication

Different tools support different functionalities:

Instant communication platforms

Zoom, MS Teams, Signal, Telegram, Discord, Slack etc.

Goals: Chat, quick and simple communication tool or video conferencing for regular meetings or consortial committees

Collaboration platforms

Slack, Discord, Basecamp, Jira, Trello

Goals: primary collaboration platform, messages with organizing purposes, assignments of to-dos, minutes, ticketing

Project management platforms

Basecamp, Jira, Trello, etc.

Goals: organization of collaboration

Knowledge Base

Confluence, GitHub, Google Docs

Goals: document archive, asset management, knowledge base, wiki, documentation, minutes, technical information, member lists and their contact information

Development platform

Git, GitHub

Goals: technical development of the protocol, improvement proposals, issues, code exchange, configuration files, source code, versioning system for documentation of technical implementations (set-up’s, protocols, configuration files)

External Communication

Websites, blogs

WordPress, Git Pages/mkdocs

Goals: public communication platform, presentation of consortium and goals, marketing, primary information for interested parties

Social media

LinkedIn pages, Twitter, Discord

Goals: public communication platform, marketing and promotion, interaction with potential consumers

Press releases

Goals: Official public announcements and press statements

Internal references and dependencies

(Lists of internal references and dependencies)

References to best practice, examples


  • Annual member conference
  • Monthly member call
  • Slack channels
  • Working groups and meetings
  • Member lists and their contact information


  • Signal chat as information channel
  • Govdigital contact list
  • GitLab work stream kanban board
  • Confluence for concept documentations (collaboration tool)
  • Weekly architecture strategic meetings


  • All Steward Call
  • Steward Council Meeting
  • Slack

Bibliography of selected references

(List of references and literature)

Contributing authors: Sebastian Posth, David Maas, Peter Niehues, Matthias Kammer, Zoltan Fazekas, Ingo Keck
Status of this document: work in progress
Last day modified: 2021-05-05